But Not Forgotten

CH Alias Silver Hills Dallas RN PT OA OAJ OAP NJP CGC VQW
June 25 1997- Feb 18 2013

Photo taken at 15 1/2 yrs. 

  Dallas is the one who started us in the world of Dog Shows. He spent the first 5 1/2 years of his life as a ranch dog and head of home security until he and his owner, Lisa discovered the sport of agility. At age 6 he and Lisa began competing in agility and also began showing in conformation toward his AKC Championship. They became successful in both earning an AKC Conformation Championship at age 7, and also earned several AKC Agility titles. Dallas went to his first National Specialty at age 7 where he won the 20" Open Standard Agility Class. He also earned a Rally Novice Title and at age 10 Dallas earned his PT Title in herding. He passed his Canine Good Citizen test also earned his "VQW" Versatile Qualified Worker Certificate through the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America. Dallas always enjoyed helping with ranch chores as well as being the leader on an occasional squirrel hunt. He was the one who would mentor the new young dogs and keep them inline. Dallas was very friendly but also had a strong regal presence about him. Some folks called him, The Grand Old Man. You can see more pictures of Dallas and a link to his Video collage below. A day doesn't go by that we don't miss our beloved, Dallas aka "Papa".

"Dallas" AKC Champion at age 7 and several Best of Breed Wins

Dallas shown doing agility and having fun at age 9
Dallas enjoying agility at age 9

                                  We Celebrated Dallas's 15th Birthday in June 2012. 
It was hard to decide which pictures to use, but it is a short story of this Wonderful Dog who 
             started this whole adventure and who has taught us so much about life in general. 
                                    Here is the link to his Birthday Video Tribute
                                        Click Here to See Dallas's Birthday Video 

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